About Us

We are a part of Kvanza Group, an Internet Technology Company since 2011 and developing software and hardware technologies, solutions mostly on Cloud Technology, Open Software/Systems and soon with offices at USA, EU, Hong Kong, India and Turkey.

Basically "yourwebsitebuilder.website" & "yourwebsitebuilder.site" is newly formed end user marketing arm of Kvanza Group's hosting&data centers and cloud systems.

We have 2 datacenters for now at EU, USA and soon at Far East.

Our cloud-based web development platform allowing individuals and businesses to create, maintain HTML5 websites, blogs and online stores without writing any code. That means, now, anyone who wants to own a problem free magnificent website has an incredible opportunity. And you don't need to know how to code...

In fact many people use our technology with different brands. But , we are new for end user market. So, just for now, we don't serve to millions of customers. Just thousands in a few weeks. But soon hundreds of thousands and than millions. Because of our new technology implemented in EWB site builder is putting us way above all other website builders.

For everybody, our patented technology, which uses latest “Cloud” and “AI” technologies, makes “problemfree website and hosting” easy as a child's play. Our mentality is very simple. Just Mimics the real world. Atoms build molecules, molecules build materials and you can build everything from materials. Brick by brick. Even this site has been built with our tools.

You can be an Engineer, a Lawyer, a Medical Doctor, a Mechanic, an Electrician, you can have a Small Hotel, a Small Business, or you can be a Blogger, a Traveler. Maybe you are a Realtor and just to want to have a marketing niche for your real estates... No matter who you are, make yourself a cup of coffee, and you'll be done by the time you finish it. With us, your magnificent problem free web site is ready and online.

And if you want, you can keep it free. Forever... But don't forget, when you are in business, you don't write in your business card “A room at someone's office”. That's why domain names are. So our advice will be to upgrade our standart plan.

Please use our online web builder. You will see we are slightly diffrent and far ahead of others. You will see how is easy to use our online web builder. And than compare our prices with others. Add standart .com domain name and web mail costs to their prices. You will see that we are second to none choice!!!

We don't just create technology, we create technology for humans. Soon we will add new widgets, apps, add-ons. So as a small business you will be able to find all solutions for your business with us. If you have a small hotel/lodging business, if you have a smal business which works with appointments, if you need small business accounting and so on we will be your one stop solution company.